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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreations

Terengganu is blessed with diverse and natural rugged terrains, mountains, lakes, rivers, exotic flora & fauna, beaches, island and underwater marine life. These destinations not only attract holiday makers but a suitable venue for extreme water sports that attracts participants to challenge oneself up to the limit against nature’s backdrop. The multitudes of geographical structures makes it possible to indulge in any kind of activity. Terengganu is divided into seven districts, all with its own unique charms full of surprises and discovery, which makes the more reason you would like to stay longer after the event is over.

Be it mountain climbing, triathlon disciplines, squid jigging, horse endurance ride or yacht racing, the mountain is never merely a place with all kinds of sky scraping trees, the islands are no more a place just to have fun with fishes in the water and the beaches are no more a place for body tanning.

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Pay Bakau Tinggi Recreational Park
Pay Batu Buruk Recreational Park
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Pay KT Waterfront
Pay LA Hot Spring
Pay Lata Tembakah
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Pay Tasik Kenyir
Pay Taman Kuang Ajil
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Pay Taman Rekreasi & Mini Zoo
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