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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Travel Tips


Travel light is the best advice. You can travel casually with lightweight cotton shirt and shorts, if possible short-sleeve and sweat absorbed fabric. Bring along a light jacket or sweater and waterproofing raincoat too if you plan to go for trekking or mountain climbing. Hat and sunglasses are necessary especially when you head to islands and beaches. Do not forget always have a bottle of water with you to quench the thirst.

If you are to attend any formal occasion that requires a formal dress code but do not have any proper formal costume with you, perhaps a batik shirt or skirt is the most convenience and best choice.

Do's And Dont's

Generally there are no written rules and regulations for the social conduct in Malaysia but visitors are to advise not to offence the local customs.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts for your references:


  • Do take off your shoes when entering a religion site or Malaysian house.
  • Do bend your back a little with lowered hand gesturing as if requesting permission passing by official, elderly or dignitary.
  • Do greet before entering a house.
  • Do drink a lot of fluid as to avoid dehydration. Do wait until you are invited during an eating gathering especially in the presence of senior persons.
  • Malaysians generally understand and speaks English. Do learn some basic Malay language. It helps a lot when communicating with the locals.
  • Do ask for permission when taking photos of locals, religious places or private properties.
  • Do received and give anything with right hand while the left hand is holding the right wrist area.


  • Don’t neck or kiss in the public. Shaking hand is acceptable but avoids kissing the hand or cheek. The Muslim ladies normally nod their head, smile and greet as a note of welcome, unless they offer their hand otherwise.
  • Don’t go nude or topless at the beach. Bikini at secluded beaches on the islands are acceptable but avoid it at any of the public beaches either on the island or on the mainland.
  • It is also considered impolite to wear shorts to places of worship such as the mosque or temple.
  • Don’t pass in front of anyone offering prayer. Don’t use your left hand to give or receive thing instead use your right hand.
  • Don’t use the forefinger to point at place, objects or person, it is considered as insulting and impolite. Use right thumb resting on a clenched fist or beckon your whole hand instead.
  • Don’t touch the arms of waitresses or salesmen to catch their attention. Touching between strangers of opposite sex is frowned upon. Don’t touch one’s head without prior permission.
  • Don’t show the sole of your foot especially in front of elderly or official. Don’t cross the chopsticks or stick them vertically into the rice bowl when eating in a Chinese way. Don’t gesture your chopsticks.
  • Don’t offer pork and alcoholic drinks to Muslim and beef to Hindus.
  • Don’t talk arrogantly while in the jungle, for example ‘I'm not afraid of any animals.' ‘No ghost or spirit in this jungle can harm me.' It is prohibited and one should pay their higher respect to the creatures in the jungle when entering into their territories.
  • Don’t simply pluck, break, destroy or bring home any marine fishes and corals when diving or snorkeling. It is against the law.
  • Don’t smoke in some public places such as buses, taxis, lifts, cinemas, shopping malls, banks and air-conditioned restaurant. They are signs that prohibits in all public areas.

The Attraction

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