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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Keropok Lekor

Some call them fish fritters, fish sausages or fish sticks but in Terengganu, they are called ‘keropok’. There are three types of keropok, mainly keropok lekor (resembling sausage, boiled chewy ones), keropok goreng (also resembling sausage but fried chewy ones) and keropok keping (sliced, sun-dried and fried). All districts produce their own keropok but the famous ones are none better than those found in Kampong Losong in Kuala Terengganu. ‘Keropok lekor’ are actually made from processed fish meat mixed with salt and sagoo flour. This mixture is then hand rolled into sausage shaped around 6 to 10 inches long and immediately cooked. It is a great afternoon snack normally dipped in Terengganu’s equally famous chili sauce.

They are made up of fish, flour and other ingredients. For Keropok Lekor, you can eat it in two ways. Deep fried or boiled. If you don't really like the fishy smell, then better to take the deep fried as sometime the boiled one will have some fishy smell, especially when they are no longer hot.
The Keropok Keping is also made up of larger tube-shaped keropok being thinly and dried under the sun to make it last longer. Then you need to fry it before eating. Its a great afternoon snack and nice to be eaten with fried noodles or dipping it with the Terengganu’s home made chili sauce.


1 kg fish (ikan parang or ikan kembong)
500g sago flour
Salt to taste
125ml water
Some ice-cubes
1 or 2 pandan leaves

Method :
Clean the fish thoroughly, remove its intestines and chop off its head and tail, leaving the body intact.
Make slits along both sides of the fish, then scrape off the meat; discard the bones. Pound, chop or mince the meat finely, adding salt to taste.
Add some ice cubes and continue mincing the fish meat. Add sago flour and water. Stir the mixture until it becomes soft dough.
Dip your hand in the sago flour and roll the dough into a cylindrical shape.
Boil a potful of water. Add in one or two knotted pandan leaves. Drop the keropok lekor into the boiling water.
Wait for it to float and remove with a slotted spoon. Set aside to cool.
Cut the pieces diagonally into thin slices. Dry in the sun thoroughly, then deep-fry in hot oil.

Where To Eat

Kuala Kampung Losong
Terengganu 007 Stall (Near Floating Mosque)
Pengadang Baru Weekend Market (Tuesday)
Panji Alam Weekend Market (Thursday)
Batu Burok Hawker Centre (Friday)
Pasar Payang Central Market
Cabang Tiga Market
Marang Kg. Kelulut Weekend Market (Saturday)
Alongside Marang Road
Dungun Kuala Dungun Weekend Market (Thursday)
Kemaman Kerteh (Tuesday), Kemasik (Sunday, Wednesday), s s sChukai (Tuesday)
besut Kuala Besut
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