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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Lompat Tikam

This is a typical Malay sweet dessert and is soft and sticky. The name literally means to jump and stab and does not correlate to this sweet and cold dessert which consists of two main parts, the green part underneath and the white part on top of it. The solution of rice flour is stirred till it is cooked. The mixture of rice flour and water is cooked until thickened then poured onto first layer to become a two layer of delicious dessert.

A generous helping of coconut palm syrup compliments the sweetness and the unique taste of the dessert and suitable as an evening snack. The name linguistically implies the rise and ready to start the day after eating this sweet dessert. This tasty food is not only attracted the locals but as well as the outsiders.


Pandan Ingredients:
3 cups rice flour

10-15 pieces of pandan leaves cut and blend with 1 cup of water and strain 9-10 cups water to include pandan extract

Pinch of lime chalk

1. Mix the above together and bring to boil, stirring until content thickens.

2. Continue stirring until it becomes watery and light.

3. Pour mixture into a casserole and set aside to cool.

Top Santan Layer Ingredients:
1-2 coconut, extract milk to make 5 cups

5 tbsp rice flour

2 tsp salt


1. Mix the above over slow fire until it boils.

2. Wait for 5 mins and pour mixture over casserole with pandan ingredient layer.

3. Leave to cool. Serve with palm sugar syrup

Palm Sugar Syrup Ingredients:

2 pieces of palm sugar shaving

Pandan leaves

1 pint water


  1. Mix the above until palm sugar dissolves, and strain away residue.
  2. Boil mixture over low flame until syrup thickens.

Where To Eat

Kuala Pengadang Baru Weekend Market (Tuesday)
Terengganu Panji Alam Weekend Market (Thursday)
Batu Burok Hawker Centre (Friday)
Pasar Payang Central Market
Cabang Tiga Market
Marang Kg. Kelulut Weekend Market (Saturday)
Dungun Kuala Dungun Weekend Market (Thursday)
Kemaman Kerteh (Tuesday), Kemasik (Sunday, Wednesday), Chukai (Tuesday)
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