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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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This concoction of fish meat with shallot and ginger paste, bask in coconut milk, are wrapped in banana leaf, folded into a shape of a cone, stuck on the bamboo stick and barbequed over a low charcoal fire. Most famous are the satar from Kuala Kemaman. Through word of mouth, the place is flocked by locals as well as visitors from other states to get a taste of this delicious delicacy complete with coconut drinks. The stalls are actually the extension of villager’s house and visitors can also get a taste of slow-paced traditional way of life.


1/2 coconut
3 slimy mackerel (ikan kembung)
3 shallot
1 red chilli
1.2cm ginger
sufficient banana leaf

1. Clean the fish thoroughly, discard the bones, roll with coconut,pound, chop or mince the meat finely, 
2. Put shallot, red chilli and ginger while roll it again until they mix well.
3. Fill the cone with the mixture and cover the top.
4. Repeat until all done filling the cone.
5. Put the cone on the skewers with bamboo and grill over slow charcoal fire until cooked.

Where To Eat

Kuala Pengadang Baru Weekend Market (Tuesday)
Terengganu Panji Alam Weekend Market (Thursday)
Batu Burok Hawker Centre (Friday)
Pasar Payang Central Market
Cabang Tiga Market
Marang Kg. Kelulut Weekend Market (Saturday)
Alongside Marang Road
Dungun Kuala Dungun Weekend Market (Thursday)
Kemaman Kerteh (Tuesday), Kemasik (Sunday, Wednesday), s s sChukai (Tuesday)
Che Wan Food Stall
Alongside Geliga Beach
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